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Bulletin This is a quarterly newsletter of the CCJP of Lilongwe Diocese.
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1. The Bishop of Lilongwe

He is the legal holder of CCJP and the one to whom the Executive Committee of Commissioners is answerable.

2. The Executive Committee of Commissioners

The Executive Committee is the Policy making and advisory body for the Commission and the overseer of the implementation of the projects and activities of the Commission. It meets quarterly and takes part in the monitoring of activities and finances. Professionally, the Committee has two lawyers, two Chartered Accountants, a Banker, one Member of the Clergy, one religious and representative from the grassroots. They serve a term of 3 years.

3. The Secretariat

The Secretariat is headed by the Coordinator who reports to the Executive Committee of Commissioners. The main role of the Coordinator is to provide leadership in developing strategic plans to achieve CCJP’s objectives and coordinate resources towards achieving the set objectives. The Coordinator is assisted by the core staff at the Secretariat.

4. Animators and Community Based Educators

Living together with the grassroots people are Animators and Community Based Educators who are volunteers from different faiths and all aspects of society. The Animators are involved with the provision of capacity building at the community level as well as case handling in partnership with traditional leaders and reports all matters of human rights violations to the Secretariat. Community Based Educators on the other hand, are involved in raising awareness in their respective communities.

5. Members of Staff

The secretariat of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) of Lilongwe Diocese is composed of qualified and experienced staff who play various roles, from the Diocesan Secretary to the Office Assistant. In order to view the list of members of staff, please click here!

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