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Bulletin This is a quarterly newsletter of the CCJP of Lilongwe Diocese.
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The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) of Lilongwe Diocese has, since its inception in 1992, been working in partnership with several donor agencies to implement a number of programmes and activities related to social justice and peace covering the Central Region of Malawi.

The following are some of the programmes and activities the organization has so far implemented:

i. Conducting Civic Education

This is conducted at different levels: By CBES, Animators and the Secretariat.
ii. Case Handling

CCJP offers free legal services to all regardless of their religious, social, cultural and political differences. Monday is set as a legal clinic day at the Secretariat where victims come to seek legal services. The Animators too have their own clinic days and most of the times they handle cases together with traditional leaders in their respective communities.

iii. Capacity Building

CCJP Lilongwe has just produced a training manual on primary justice. The Commission offers training to all service providers of both forma and informal justice as the need arises. It also extends its training to other Stakeholders; e.g. Parliamentarians

iv. Advocacy

CCJP is greatly involved in advocacy, such as the following activities:

• Review of the Chiefs Act; Witchcraft Act; etc
• Publications/Press releases/conferences
• Lobbying , marching, peaceful demonstrations and
• Dialogue

vi. Networking and Linkages

This is done at all levels, from local communities, to national policy making bodies.


arrow According to CCJP Constitution, the Commission is spread out from the Secretariat to Parish Committees and then to grassroots’ structures
arrow The Commission identified volunteers from all the 33 Parishes within Lilongwe Diocese and trained them to become Animators. These Animators had undergone Paralegal training including; Conflict Management Skills; Social Analysis; Training For Transformation; the Republic of Malawi Constitution and Human Rights; Advocacy and many others, to enable them conduct human rights awareness meetings; case handling; networking and linkages as well as advocacy.
arrow Before instituting a project, CCJP normally conducts base line surveys and a project comes in as an intervention to the issues submitted in the survey report. Attached is one of such reports
arrow CCJP has Community Based Educators (CBEs) identified from the following; Local Government structure, extension workers, Community Policing and Victim Support Unit, throughout its area of operation, who work hand in hand with its Animators in the implementation of its programme.
arrow CCJP has identified District Implementing Agencies in each District to implement Primary Justice Project in the Country. These DIAs were identified through consultative meetings with the District Executive Committee and the Stakeholders of that District. Attached is a copy of the report on the recently conducted baseline survey on the identification of DIAs to implement Primary Justice Project in their respective Districts from July 2007 onwards.
arrow Where expertise is required, CCJP uses some Partners to facilitate some of its activities e.g Bishop Kalilombe, Senior Chief Kaomba, Society for the Advancement of Women and line ministries.



• Training for Transformation
• Participatory Rural Appraisal
• Delta

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